2014 >> ONE Haworth Europe

Today, Haworth is present across Europe with 23 sales offices and 5 manufacturing facilities throughout Europe. In Europe and Africa we serve our customers through our commercial offices and authorised Haworth Dealers. More than 1000 members and a network of 300 dealers serve our customers.

Haworth is among the largest office manufacturers in Europe, with a complete product and service portfolio.

Bluescape Visual Collaborative Workspace

2013 >> Evolving with Emerging Technologies.

In the twenty first century, workforce effectiveness continues to evolve with emerging technologies.  Workspace solutions must harmonize with technology solutions to enhance collaborative working.  In 2012, Haworth launched workware, a set of technology products that supports an uninterrupted exchange of information - essential for communication and creative problem solving in groups. In 2013, we introduced a revolutionary product called Bluescape. Bluescape provides a visual collaborative workspace that is transforming the way we work.

2012 >> Naturally Sustainable.

After being the first ISO 14001 certified office furniture manufacturer in 1999, Haworth, in 2006, issues the first Sustainability Report in our industry. Later, in 2012, Haworth Celebrates the accomplishment of reaching Zero Waste to Landfill at all global facilities.

From the humble beginnings of our family business, Haworth is present in 120 countries with all offices and manufacturing facilities ISO 9001 and 14000 certified. We are - as a family owned business - naturally about the next generations and, as such, naturally sustainable.

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2008 >> One Haworth Center

Haworth celebrates the grand opening of its new corporate headquarters, One Haworth Center. With sustainability, design, and adaptability as the drivers, it becomes a great space to work... and a great space to share our lessons learned from around the world.

2001 >> Tutti

With global development efforts, Haworth introduced Tutti in 2001. Tutti, represented a completely new approach to the office environment that combined families of integral products whose simple, architectural vocabulary can actively respond to a variety of contemporary work settings, specific corporate atmospheres, and whose components promoted easy logistics and adaptability.
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1995 >> Ideation & Experimentation

The Ideation Group - a specialized team of workplace scientists, designers, and analysts - applies user-based research to create breakthrough concepts and products. Driven by knowledge, research, and its global capabilities these concepts deepen the company's thinking about how the work environment can support measurable increases in productivity.
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1988 >> Creating the Greater Whole

In the late 1980's, Haworth expanded globally. In and from North America to Europe and Asia. Its expansion into Europe led Haworth to acquire and incorporate many companies with long, varied and very unique histories and capabilities.

Throughout the years, Haworth acquired Cortal Seldex in Portugal; Ordo and Mobilier International in France; Kemen in Spain; Elan Florian Weber AG in Switzerland; and Comforto and Dyes, amongst others, in Germany.

1976 >> "Haworth" Emerges

A pivotal year for the business, the company transitioned from modern Partitions to Haworth, Inc. With G.W.'s blessing, Dick Haworth takes the helm and drives for growth, increasing the company's size by 400 percent over the next 20 years. The company introduces a new pre-wired panel design, sells its partition business, pioneers strategic planning, and introduces the Haworth Values.
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1954 >> Office Environments

A stranger strides into G.W.'s office, drops a set of drawing on his desk and asks, "Can you build these?" The plans detail an innovation office partition system designed for the United Auto Workers headquaters in Detroit. G.W. agrees, wins the business, and the huge order catapults his company forward in both partitions and moveable wall products. He thinks, "I could build a business around this type of product" - and does.

1948 >> Haworth Begins

Haworth Europe's roots are in Holland, Michigan, where founder G.W. Haworth started his business in 1948. Our history in Europe goes back as far as 1863. The principles and values established by g.W. Haworth allowed for an unprecedented global expansion from a small woodworking operation in his family's garage to a truly global player in the office furniture industry today.

As Haworth Europe we share the same passion for material, flexibility and innovation as well as a thirst for knowledge. These elements are the cornerstones of our global presence and the underlying principles and values remain our driving force today. We are ONE Haworth Europe, while keeping a strong local presence.
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