Dynaflex concept

Think, sit, move, work as you like.

Dynaflex is an office chair designed to meet the needs of the changing culture in the working world. Offices are becoming more and more casual as new technologies and attitudes move us away from traditional seating postures.

Haworth's extensive research into work culture informed the design of the Dynaflex task chair, which offers dynamic support for flexible ways of working.

Scientific Research

Haworth commissioned experts from the Folkwang University of Arts to test Dynaflex as part of the development process.

Test subjects were chosen to represent a wide range in terms of height and weight, including persons from the upper and lower percentile. Subjects carried out a series of work related tasks over the course of an hour, unaware that the study was targeted on the chair. At the end they were informed of the purpose of the study and answered a series of questions on their experience.

The results allowed the experts to categorise users into five seating styles and four work styles across the range of activities undertaken. The "Dynaflex Effect" was overwhelmingly evaluated as positive.

Further information is available in the Dynaflex handbook.

Company benefits - the bottom line

What is the return on investment of Dynaflex?

Employees are the largest expense for a company. Approximately 80% of costs are associated with human resources compared to just 20% on equipment and furnishings. The goal of any successful company is to hire and retain the best and brightest minds, and to ensure their productivity is high.

The quality of a workplace increases the appeal of the company for highly qualified and sought after employees – an advantage in the war for talent. An investment in the health and well-being of employees increases contentment and reduces sick days or presenteeism.

Dynaflex allows employees to sit as they please, conforming to their work style and culture while ensuring they are supported even in unhealthy postures.