Caring for Fabric Finishes.

General maintenance

Most fabrics can be easily maintained by simply vacuum cleaning or brushing and cleaning with dry foam. Leather finishes should be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth or a recommended leather cleaner.

Not all fabrics are the same, however, so there are specific details for each collection available in the 
Colours and Materials catalogue.

Follow these guidelines:


  1. Clean regularly
  2. Deal with spillages quickly
  3. Use the appropriate cleaning materials for a stain


  1. Bleach fabrics
  2. Use abrasive sponges or cloths
  3. Soak seat cushions
  4. Leave spillages for a long time

Stain removal

  1. Drinks, juice from fruit (vegetable matter) 
    Dampen with a cloth dipped in dilute white vinegar, rinse with water. For alcoholic drinks, use a mixture of 2/3 methylated spirits and 1/3 white vinegar.
  2. Biro, glue, fresh paint and varnish, tar, grease (chemical matter) 
    Use a cloth dipped in methylated spirits (white spirit). Do not smoke. Ventilate the room.
  3. Chewing-gum 
    Use a freeze spray for chewing gum (or an ice cube). Break off the hardened pieces.
  4. Candles, wax 
    Scrape off the top layers after the wax has hardened. Use a medium-hot iron over blotting paper to absorb the stain residue
  5. Fountain pen ink 
    Dab with a damp cloth to draw out the ink. Then remove using soap, followed by dilute alkali, using a cloth. Rinse. 
    N.B. do not over-rub acrylic, polyamide, and especially chlorofibre and propylene textiles.
  6. Rust 
    Use a commercial rust-stain remover with caution. Rinse.