In 1970 Luigi Colani designed Integrated Workplace for Comforto as a comfortable solution for workers who sat for long periods. Though the chair remained only a prototype, it became an object of interest around the world and traveled to Europe, Australia, and the US where it was displayed at the MoMA.

Comforto 50

Comforto 50 was a revolutionary task chair, combining a slim design profile with high ergonomic performance, functionality, a unique adjustment mechanism and price sensitivity. Between 1995 and 2012, over 1 million units were sold worldwide and competitors used it as a benchmark for their own subsequent innovations.

System X-99

System X99 remains a dynamic combination of engineering, iconic design, and innovative, ergonomic features. Its extensive product family serves as a coherent, functional, and aesthetic whole for every range of applications.


Developed with ITO Design of Germany, Zody was a ground-breaking global design solution that redefined research-led design. Ten years later, it remains one of the industry's most sustainable, ergonomic and iconic task chairs.


Fern, the latest addition to our global seating portfolio will be launched in 2016 and promises to again set new standards for comfort, design, and the individual sitting experience.