Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

Office design has undergone a paradigm shift from spaces that promote constant interaction to spaces that support individual comfort, preference and activity-based work.

Work is both where and how many of us spend a majority of our lives. The best work environments promote individual well-being, encourage productive habits, support culture and build a sense of community.

Countless studies tell us that when employees are healthy and happy, they are more productive.

In order to support the health of all users, today’s seating solutions need to support many different functions. At Haworth we focus on creating a range of products that support healthy behaviour for every individual - no matter the task or environment.


Individual Comfort

Because discomfort is neither
sustainable nor productive.

All of our seating solutions meet
a baseline standard of immediate,
accessible comfort - before any
individual adjustments are made.

Holistic Support

360º, holistic support ensures
every body is supported properly.

Anatomical correctness and
physical comfort are
paramount to well-being.

Responsive Design

Encourages a sitting
experience that is physically
and emotionally positive.

The inherent adaptability of
our solutions complements the
design aspirations of both their
environments and company culture.

Testing a chair

Science of Comfort

Our design process is built on quantitative and qualitative research in partnership with leading institutions and experts around the world.

Understanding the Human Body

Our research delves deeply into the biomechanics of the human body to break down the science and experience of individual comfort.

Test subjects