Haworth Design Studio

Drawing from resources and knowledge around the world, the Haworth Design Studio collaborates with research and development partners to identify, develop, and launch new and breakthrough innovations. 

With design centers in three key locations—China, Germany, and the United States—the team focuses on creating multi-generational products and global platforms designed with regional needs and preferences in mind.

Meet the Designers

Jeff Reuschel

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

“I want to bring an idea down to its essence without sacrificing what makes it desirable. With this in mind, I try to create solutions that are both simple and exciting.”

Ralph Reddig

Michael Welsh

Bob Wayner

Steffen Lipsky

“Reaching for the sky is a journey that begins with a dream, followed by building a 'ladder' and climbing one step at a time."

Dan West

Liz Johnson

Iain Thorp