Comforto 59

Design and Function

Developed by Simon Desanta, in cooperation with Haworth Design Studio, the Comforto 59 chair incorporates essential functionality into a sleek, clean design.

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Functions have been neatly integrated into the chair, and automatic adjustment to the user's weight removes the need for tedious manual adjustment, and leaves them in such comfort that they are almost unaware of the seat.

Lots of Options.

The Comforto 59 family of chairs distinguishes itself through its innovative design concept and sleek design notes. Simple to adjust, the functionality has been ergonomically incorporated into the frame. An individual mix of different upholstery, base versions, footstands and frame colours makes each chair completely unique.


Comforto 59 has been developed following the "Design for Environment" principles. Accordingly, the chair may be disassembled into its individual material components, guaranteeing it is up to 95% recyclable.