Comforto 99

Support. Active. Familiar.

Comforto 99 was designed and engineered for one body type. Yours.

Style and comfort anytime, anywhere

However you dress it up, Comforto 99 provides a sophisticated look and maximizes comfort. From the refined chenille polyfilament soft mesh, to luxurious leather, to the fabric of your choice Comforto 99 is guaranteed to complement any style and beautifully coexists with any furniture system or environment. Its subtle elegance brings a touch of class to any space.

Accommodating Everyone

Stimulate your body and mind with a chair that is both captivating and stylish. Designed and engineered for a global environment by Haworth, Comforto and Germany’s ITO Design, Comforto 99 maintains the highest level of performance. The exhilarating ride is highly responsive to all body movements, and every personal adjustment has been precisely engineered. A brilliant integration of design with performance.

New Features and specs